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Community outreach




Community Outreach

We offer open houses and presentations for your school, parent, or professional communities.


Gifted 101:
For parents, teachers,
and professionals

An informational session about giftedness! We describe giftedness and asynchrony and bust common myths associated with gifted children. We will explain overexcitabilities and characteristics of giftedness and how these impact behavior and the potential for misdiagnoses. We will review testing methods for giftedness. By the time you leave, you will better understand gifted children in their classroom, home, and community, and will receive resources to support the needs of gifted children.



Homeschool Open House

You've toured private and public schools... Now it's time to take a tour of homeschool!

Have you ever thought about homeschooling but quickly dismissed the idea because you thought to yourself, "I could NEVER do that!!”? Whether it’s because you work, your kids are a challenge, you worry about how they are going to learn anything or socialize without SCHOOL… 

If you are curious about homeschooling or know someone who is, please join us! You will learn how to *legally* homeschool in California and will hear from new and veteran homeschooling parents about the variety of ways homeschooling can be successful.

Homeschooling is not what you think! It’s a growing option for many families who want to break free from the traditional path or want a truly individualized curriculum for their child. And it is definitely NOT "school at home"!


Square Pegs Community Group


Join our Square Pegs Community Group on Facebook where we can ask questions, get answers and offer support to one other. We share resources and ideas to help our community grow closer.