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Raising square pegs in a world full of roundhouse can be extremely challenging. Let us help you find your path.

Create Your Own Adventure Parent Groups

Create Your Own Adventure Parent Groups


You provide the people and the place, we provide the topics relevant to you.

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Connect with your friends who are raising gifted children to examine and discuss relevant topics with guidance and support from experienced and passionate gifted consultants. We will curate information related to your interests and challenges in raising gifted children and facilitate discussion in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Sample topics include:

  • Characteristics of giftedness and Intensity: This is gifted? Surprising behaviors and traits that are related to giftedness

  • Education: Fostering autonomous learning, achievement, multi-potentiality

  • Technology: Gifted-specific issues related to technology use

  • The Gifted Family: Managing overlapping intensities and gifted family dynamics