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Community presentations




Community Presentations


Gifted 101: For parents, teachers,
and professionals

We describe giftedness and asynchrony and bust common myths associated with gifted children. We will explain overexcitabilities and characteristics of giftedness and how these impact behavior and the potential for misdiagnoses. We will review testing methods for giftedness. By the time you leave, you will better understand gifted children in their classroom, home, and community, and will receive resources to support the needs of gifted children.



Gifted Kid Series

We discuss everything related to giftedness in children, in a series of presentations which includes:

  • Characteristics of gifted children

  • Communication with your gifted child

  • Motivation, enthusiasm, and underachievement

  • Discipline and self-management

  • Intensity, perfectionism, and stress

  • Idealism, unhappiness, and depression

  • Acquaintances, friends, and peers

  • Sibling relationships

  • Values, traditions, and uniqueness

  • Complexities of successful parenting


Stress and Anxiety in Gifted Families

This presentation focuses on characteristics of giftedness and the unique causes of stress, anxiety, and depression in gifted families. In addition, we discuss resources, community supports, and the unique roles families play in decreasing feelings of stress and anxiety. Topics include characteristics of giftedness, over-excitabilities, peer relations, asynchrony, and perfectionism.



Parent Support in the Gifted Community

Parent Groups provide a safe and supportive environment to freely discuss your child’s development and parenting challenges, connect with other parents, and increase your awareness of your child’s unique needs. During this interactive presentation you will learn about the variety of topics discussed in our Gifted Parenting Groups, gain an understanding of the unique type of support they offer to families of gifted children, and experience a condensed version of a Gifted Parenting Group focusing on a topic of your choosing. Parents often describe their experience in our parent groups as transformative. Find out if they can do the same for you!


Occupational Therapy, Over-Excitabilities, and Sensory Processing Disorders

A much-needed discussion to help demystify Over-excitabilities, Occupational Therapy, and Sensory Processing Disorders! If you have an asynchronous gifted or twice-exceptional child you may have been referred to an occupational therapist. But what is occupational therapy, and what role can it play in your gifted child’s life? In this session, we will discuss: 

  • Over-excitabilities and how they relate to Occupational Therapy 

  • When Over-excitabilities are actually Sensory Processing Disorders

  • How Occupational Therapy can support your gifted child’s development, and does it matter if your OT “gets” giftedness

  • What you can do to support your child’s sensory needs at home